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R7 Tool uses 15 years of historical data & Answer Plot research to formulate product placement solutions, to maximize every acre on your farm. The R7 Tool in-season imagery generates current field health conditions to help make educated in season decisions. These images help determine problem areas that need attention to make sure every acre is productive and profitable. With this we can export a Variable Rate Recommendation based off the imagery. Contact a Midwest Fertilizer Field Representative today to learn more about the benefits of the R7 Strategy!
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Work Order Management, Job Alerts, Farm Planning, Financial Analysis and Grid Sampling reports, Crop Consulting Reports, Data Management and much more all in one place!

Basic Grid Soil Sampling
Test include, Organic Matter, Phosphorus, Potassium, pH, Soluble Salts, VR Fertilizing Recommendations for the next 4 years, map book of results or viewer account. 
Basic Grid Soil Sampling + Sulfur & Zinc       
Addition of Sulfur & Zinc                .
Data Management
Monitor Prep, VR Fertilizer Recommendations, VR Seed Recommendations, Yield-Harvest Data, Multi-Year Yield Analysis, As-Applied Data

Crop Consulting
Preliminary Composite Soil Sample, Weekly Crop Monitoring, Weekly Reports, Fertility, Chemical and Seed Recommendations

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Climate Fieldview introduces Field-Level Weather, Field Health Advisor (NDVI Imagry) and Variable Rate Prescriptions based off of soil types. With Field level Nitrogen monitoring,  you will have an estimated nitrogen calculation based on the product applied, timing of application, temperature, rainfall, soil type, and growth stage to determine Nitrogen availability and usage throughout the season. With Nitrogen advisor you now have a tool to monitor your nitrogen inputs to ensure your crops needs are met to produce top yields. Click the Picture to sign up and add Midwest Fertilizer as your Dealer to recieve your FREE 120 acres!

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